Change – Painful yet beautiful!

Life is all about change but change is always frightening. Change is sometimes painful, sometimes beautiful but most times it’s both. They say, “Change is inevitable”. You can’t do without changes in life. How often has it been easy to switch our habits, goals, lifestyle, our attitude, behavior etc?? It’s never that easy!!. We always fight within ourselves for the discomfort we feel when we … Continue reading Change – Painful yet beautiful!

Procrastination – The thief of our dreams!

“Not today” , “Let’s do it tomorrow”, “Not in the mood for it today” – our usual favourite dialogues for anything we want to do for the day – be it workouts, writing, hobbies, complete an assignment or homework, presentations or achieving your goals. This attitude called ‘Procrastination‘ is the biggest disease of our minds and thief of time. How easy it is to put … Continue reading Procrastination – The thief of our dreams!

Men’s day special – The mystical side to masculinity

Frankly I found it weird when I got to know we had an international men’s day celebrated every year in the month of November. I never thought if men should really be celebrated for their masculinity or physical strength or egoism or for being the top of everything (No offence please). When I started my blogging journey I began to observe people and their lives … Continue reading Men’s day special – The mystical side to masculinity

Lessons from our generations.

There has been a whole generation research done for our generations of Baby boomers to millennials to generation X and Y etc. And the parenting group among each generations have something to teach us. Pure disclaimer : The facts that I am sharing below are purely related to my family , my parents, Grandparents only. I have observed their thought processes, the foundations of my … Continue reading Lessons from our generations.

Your new motto must be – “Judge no one …”

They say – Seeing is believing. We end up believing what we see to be true. But these days, we have a new discovery that we have made and are following, apart from seeing and believing and that is – pass judgements on people. When you don’t see people doing things normally, as per “society norms” – give them a label or a tag, give … Continue reading Your new motto must be – “Judge no one …”

Let it go – Live a life of no regrets!

Life is short , they say – make the most of it. But somewhere we are all stranded on all temporary situations, troubles, arguments, misunderstandings that don’t last forever. From worrying about future to not being happy with our jobs/salary, tensed for promotions to holding age old grudges for long. Life needs to move on for good. Thinking of incidences of my life, I’ve had … Continue reading Let it go – Live a life of no regrets!

The little toffees of life!!

Toffees – once upon a Time our favorite! At times no barrier of age so we still love them. The joy on a child’s face on seeing/getting toffees/chocolates is priceless. Some like to keep more toffees with them to enjoy the taste later and some like to share them with their loved ones to make them happy. Sometimes you share them out of happy occasions, … Continue reading The little toffees of life!!

Life’time’ – make the best of it before it’s gone!

Life definitely gives you jolts you never would even think of, in your wildest dreams. I cannot believe the ironic situation that my life put me through – where on one side I published my blog on road accidents to create awareness, and just the next day I lost my first cousin, aged 38 to a bike accident in Malaysia. It’s hard to believe at … Continue reading Life’time’ – make the best of it before it’s gone!