Bonding over life lessons – Mother Nature and me!

Mother nature - our greatest gift by the Almighty. She has been our friend always, from being around us in great variety and beautiful in ways of her greenery and in her emptiness. Nature has been loving, caring in her own ways and recently outraged too with the way we have been handling her and... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Week Special – Mind matters!

What constitutes health? – “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." Mental health is as important as physical health. Mind that is healthy, mind that thinks positive, does not overthink or draw endless conclusions. Mental illness doesn’t have an age, it is... Continue Reading →

Art - The genre that makes people happy from within. It makes them fall in love with the other world they create by themselves - be it from painting, sculpting, dance, music, theatre, literature, photography or films. An American poet and social activist, Thomas Merton said – “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose... Continue Reading →

In the playground called ‘Life’…

Life and sports have lots of commonalities. Have you ever thought victories, failures, champions, coaches etc exist in real life too. All of us associate sports with physical activity, activeness, energy, strength, stamina etc. All kinds of sports be it cricket, basketball, volleyball or even martial arts for that matter, but have we seen or... Continue Reading →

Create your own sunshine!!

Each one of us have a world of our own that revolves around our family, friends, work, leisure, our homes etc. This world brings to us a whole circle of responsibilities, love, respect, fun factors and a lot more. But sometimes we encounter situations or even personal character traits that can get very difficult to... Continue Reading →

Time will pass… Will you??

"Time and tide wait for none" - All of us have grown up hearing this proverb since childhood. Time - keeps ticking and you cannot stop it. Your good times pass sooner than your bad times you assume. Time definitely flies, and does not return. All these show how we have no control over time... Continue Reading →

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