An ode to the girl child – Yes she can.. yes she will!

With October 11 being observed as the International day of the girl child, the world is still grim with sexual violence, ill treatment and exploitation of the girl child be it India or Syria or Iran or Sri Lanka. There are still many parts of the world, where a woman is molested, raped, a girl child killed within the womb or is ill-treated etc. I … Continue reading An ode to the girl child – Yes she can.. yes she will!

Mental Health Day Special – I am ‘Mind’!

10 October of every year is recognized as World Mental Health Day – a day where we create awareness on the importance of mental health. Last year, I had written a blog on the various diseases of the mind and also suggested some solutions and methods to keep your mind happy. This time I wanted to break the monotony of awareness creation, I thought let’s … Continue reading Mental Health Day Special – I am ‘Mind’!

“Protect me too!” – World Animal Day Special!

I always wondered how the Almighty/God – The Creator of this Universe created this world with utmost beauty – the way the nature is built, created beautifully in different shades – from the mighty mountains to the deepest seas, from the colorful flowers to the pretty little butterflies or insects, from human beings called God’s best creation to animals of all types and varieties. I … Continue reading “Protect me too!” – World Animal Day Special!

The rotten apple (Negativity) and the killing (suicide)!

Doesn’t this title sound fairy tale or fable kind? – The rotten apple and the killing! Actually, I don’t intend to share a fairy tale here but I found these words as great metaphors to describe negativity and suicides. Yes, the rotten apple here is negativity which highlights the fact that the more we fall prey to negative thoughts or negative people , the more … Continue reading The rotten apple (Negativity) and the killing (suicide)!

Keeping up the spirit of Ramadan during lockdown!

Ramadan (also called Ramzan) – The ninth month of the Muslim calendar and the Holy month of fasting began a week ago for all the Muslims across the world with a day’s lag for some of the countries compared to the Middle East countries. Ramadan is said to be the month of introspection, communal prayer and reading of the Quran. A month to build and … Continue reading Keeping up the spirit of Ramadan during lockdown!

The power of visualization!

We are all aware of how our mind is powerful and strong enough in numerous ways. An interesting fact of the human brain is that it has the capacity to generate approximately 23 watts of power when awake. Being the most complex organ in the body, it controls your thoughts, behaviors, emotions, memory  as well as basic life functions such as breathing and heart rate. … Continue reading The power of visualization!

Coming together against the COVID-19!!

When the world was busy with its hustle bustle of technology, growth, development, climate taking a beating with the forests on fire, water scarcity, animals going extinct, each one of us chasing our life’s dreams, living away from our homes, racing our ways to the top, running to jobs to schools to colleges, spending holidays abroad, making big future plans etc and one little virus … Continue reading Coming together against the COVID-19!!

The Warrior ‘Woman’ – Be Unstoppable!

‘Woman’ – When you think of adjectives to a ‘Woman’, we come across wonderful, warm hearted, whacky etc. The most that I love and admire is – ‘Warrior-like’. Yes, there is an adjective like that and it holds true to women even though women don’t wear armors, have shields or hold swords to counter, they are so well equipped with their mindset, strength , courage … Continue reading The Warrior ‘Woman’ – Be Unstoppable!

Bonding over life lessons – Mother Nature and me!

Mother nature – our greatest gift by the Almighty. She has been our friend always, from being around us in great variety and beautiful in ways of her greenery and in her emptiness. Nature has been loving, caring in her own ways and recently outraged too with the way we have been handling her and it definitely hurts to see where the world is headed … Continue reading Bonding over life lessons – Mother Nature and me!

Mental Health Week Special – Mind matters!

What constitutes health? – “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Mental health is as important as physical health. Mind that is healthy, mind that thinks positive, does not overthink or draw endless conclusions. Mental illness doesn’t have an age, it is just a certain point in life where you lack peace … Continue reading Mental Health Week Special – Mind matters!