The little toffees of life!!

Toffees – once upon a Time our favorite! At times no barrier of age so we still love them. The joy on a child’s face on seeing/getting toffees/chocolates is priceless. Some like to keep more toffees with them to enjoy the taste later and some like to share them with their loved ones to make them happy. Sometimes you share them out of happy occasions, sometimes you don’t need an excuse of an occasion to share this happiness wrapped in little crisp covers.

Life also has some toffees too that it offers you – have you grabbed some?. Now if you’re wondering what toffees or chocolates I’m referring to – read along to know if you have grabbed these toffees that were offered to you or you just saw them being taken by others with immense happiness.

1. The Gratitude Toffee – How often are we thankful for the things that happen around us. For the shelter, food, clothes we have, for the new day we wake up to etc. A “thank you” is a magical toffee. Something when given, you attract more joy to your life and when someone receives this toffee it is definitely a sign of joy and contentment to his life. I have seen the joy of both these parties – The giver and the taker. Once at office, my lil effort helped save a colleague’s time and work and made her work easier for that day. My effort was unintentional, only focusing on ensuring there is no delay in deliverables. In turn it turned out to be a saving grace for her. While at office, she came up to me and thanked me for the unintentional help I did to assist her in her work. That thank you moved me. When someone’s effort is acknowledged with beautiful words like a ‘thank you’ it definitely makes you feel worth it. A thank you to the cab driver for dropping you home/office, or the delivery boy who brought your food at your doorstep, the courier guy getting your many orders like the modern day santa etc. They all deserve a thank you. Try giving this toffee to someone, the joy is matchless :). Makes you do more.

2. The Respect and Understanding Toffee – “Give respect and take respect,” seems an ancient saying now but we definitely need to lay out these rules to ourselves. Be it our parents, grandparents, elders etc. Our anger, irritation etc should be controlled because we need to understand their side too before we jump to conclusions. How many times have you vented the day’s anger on your family members at home. Does it do you any good ?? Not really. We should never take our elders for granted. Always show them respect that they deserve and understand their needs because when we needed them, they did everything for us even without asking. They were our “genies” , our wish fulfillers.

3. ‘Keep the passion alive’ toffee – This toffee is mostly hidden in your pocket (mind and heart actually). This is your favorite toffee, which you always own but never enjoy eating it. This toffee is the one that gives you life, but you are stuck in the daily life grinding that this Toffee is never taken out or eaten. Your hobbies, your passions – be it art, crafts, acting, dancing etc we don’t end up showing interest in these ever as we are caught up in our daily life activities. I’m happy to share that the joyous passions I always had were poetry and story telling and I’m proud and happy that I’m pursuing these in all my small moments that give me immense happiness after a hectic day at work. Trust me, working on your passion gives you joy unmatched. You are given one life – why waste in the daily grind – learn to enjoy it :).

4. Toffee of giving/gifting – We share toffees with everybody, and the joy on their faces is the sweetest. Have you tried gifting or sharing with those who are less fortunate than us??. The value of a thing is best known when you don’t have it with you – this is the same feeling with the less fortunate ones. They value clothes, shelter, food when they are too poor or unfortunate to not have it. Try going to an orphanage or old age home and share your toys, clothes that you have kept at your homes unused. See the happiness the kids/elderly feel once they get it from you – the joy upon receiving is their gratitude to you – It is your return gift :).

5. ‘Let it go’ toffee – This toffee is something you don’t really share with others but are holding on to it for no benefits. Life is too short to be regretful, where you hold on to your mistakes or issues/misunderstandings and lose out on precious times of love and togetherness. It is high time you let go off these minor grudges, issues, regrets to live a life tension free.

To sum this up – just want to share this story I heard in my school, where my teacher said we all have an imaginary crown on our heads. For every good deed you do, you have a shining diamond added to the crown and when you do a bad deed – your crown is ripped off that diamond and a black stone is added. With this story, my main aim is to keep the joy and good deeds going and share the toffees of gratitude, respect and understanding. What crown do you want to wear?? The shining one or the black one.

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