Small efforts – immense happiness!

We always weigh life events to be big or small in terms of deriving happiness out of it. Small incidents also are as important as the big ones.
I have always felt the importance of doing little things that bring immense happiness. We always wait for bigger events in life like passing in exams, getting a job, getting into a new school, entry of a new family member, birthdays, anniversaries etc to celebrate. But have you ever thought little incidents that happen on a daily basis can also be celebrated?

I have my perspective of looking at daily life incidences, finding joys in smallest courses of action we take on a daily basis – little victories as I like to call and acknowledge πŸ™‚

a) When I get home taking mom’s favourite snacks or If I order her favourite pizza she’s happy. This small happiness of hers helps me get rid of my day’s stress.

b) My colleague had a hard day and was stressed out by end of the evening. She had a hard time working on a client that she had to stretch till late. I wanted to be of some help to her and to ease her stress I made her a hot chocolate drink ( her favourite) hoping it would release her stress and help her close for the day soon.

c) A passerby asked for an address and when I guided him – showing the way to the lost (feels like it) πŸ™‚

d) I helped my cab driver take the short cut route to drop us all home, I got very excited. It eased his job of dropping us on time and getting home early gave us enough happiness ;).

e) When I get home and mom has made my favourite dosas for dinner – I am so excited like a child.

f) An old man slipped on the stairs and you quickly give him support. You really saved him from any sort of pain.

g) When you see a pregnant lady enter the bus , you get up and offer her your seat – that’s small yet gives you a happy feeling :).

h) While at a signal, you see a lil kid all sad staring out of his car window and you look at him, pop your eyes make funny faces and after a long stare , you see his teeth when he gives that grin. Small joys :).

I) A stranger new to a city would need help with directions or getting auto/cab or guiding the driver and you offer to help him as you are familiar with the language. Makes that person’s day anytime :).

j) Your colleague is wearing a pretty dress or has got a new haircut. Complimenting her would make her day definitely no doubt :).

There’s so much negativity in this world that such little instances of small efforts to bring that colorful rainbow on a daily basis definitely adds a beautiful meaning to your life and living :). Try coming out of the boring monotonous daily grind and look at incidences that have made you smile or you have brought a smile on someone else’s face :).

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