Learning new could be fun!!

Most of us live our lives by accident – we live as it happens. Fulfillment comes when we live our lives on purpose – Simon Sinek.

How many times have we felt life without a purpose?? We reach a stage many times where we are saturated, bored, find no purpose to make an impact etc.

As the wise saying goes – You are your biggest asset. During these times of unworthiness, is when we need to begin to make an investment in ourselves. An investment to begin learning something new, be it a skill set or a music

al instrument or pursue a course for education, martial arts etc – something you wanted to be a pro at, or have passion to pursue. Something that was long lost due to prior commitments, work etc. Something you were so passionate as a kid that you still have that spark inside you – hidden and flickering with the urge to be brought out.

Learning skills is always a lot of fun, but when it’s learning with a group of pros and beginners, it gets more easier to grasp, attract, learn and grow. There is so much to learn, understand and enjoy the process that even your mind resists or finds it difficult at first, which is why when classes of art, music, languages etc when taught in an open environment to allow students to use their creativity etc helps every student bring out their best in all ways.

I want to add an example of my friend’s toastmaster experience. Toastmasters are people who take the stage with hosting, raising a toast, debating etc and it has a great importance in the international community. In India too it is gaining momentum which is a good thing. In this toastmaster’s club, my colleague met a person who shared his experience of how he turned himself from someone who was always bullied in school, college, workplace etc and how he overcame this to become a great toastmaster with an experience of over 2.5 years. Such is the power of learning new skills, venturing to new fields that there is a whole new vibrancy added in your life, keeping all the old experiences at bay.

The other day, at my workplace, we had to make a video in French, with each team member sharing their work experience but (mind you – in French). We had a few colleagues already trained in this language and since some of us did not know a word and were so clueless, they trained us in pronounciation and the portrayal. It was really so much fun learning those lines and also enacting out, the whole experience was fun.

What I really learnt from this French experience is that – Energies are contagious, you become what you really surround yourself with :).

So wake up, take a deep breath, think of those skillsets you want to brush up, classes that you want to join, the martial art pro that you want to become or the courses you want to pursue for your own happiness with the groups of pros and begin, remember – If you are not willing to learn, no one will help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you :).

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