The power of ‘her’ choices!!

“There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise” – W.E.B Dubois.

I’m sure there are millions of stories of “The She rising ” (the phenomenon which I like to call), that also led to the world now opening its arms to feminine superheroes.

But I definitely found it ironic when I came across two women of different mindset and upbringing. One was meek, shy, her eyes staring at all the new faces at a clinic just like a new baby would stare at everyone when she comes into this world and opens her eyes for the first time. This girl was all of age of 21 – she had come with her parents for a scan as she was 8 months pregnant. It came as a shocker to me, as I sat in front of her looking at her, at times wondering why she chose to undergo this pain at such a young age.

Her father sought my help to fill his daughter’s scan form as he had forgotten his spectacles at home, and when I filled in the details I was in shock to see her age, her stage and also the word – Emergency written on that form. Looking at her condition, I felt our culture and country is already in ‘damage control’ mode, it is high time we stop ruining our daughters’ lives in the name of religion and cultural boundaries and restrictions.

On the other side, a story of a Muslim woman from Kashmir fighting terrorists who had barged into her home to kill her and her family caught my attention too. Her she was – meek, shy and scared (notice the pregnant girl also had the same behaviour) that at first she hid under the bed on the behest of her mother’s appeals. But when she saw how her mother stood like a warrior saving her kids and not giving in to the terrorist’s demands, she jumped out of the bed with a pole in hand and attacked them. She quickly used her presence of mind and grabbed the gun and shot at killing the terrorist instantly.

The moral that I gained from these incidents is that of decision making, attitude and strength. As Frankl Viktor writes in his book, “Man’s search for meaning” – “Everything can be taken away from us, except the ability to choose our attitude in any given set of circumstances”.

To bow down to cultural laws or to stand out to fight – is a decision you could take, to stay in the closet or to raise your voice and fight for your rights – is a decision you could take. To depend on your family or to stand for their support/protection is a decision you could take. It all lies in one decision that definitely shapes your attitude and becomes your strength or your weakness. It is a choice that rests in your hands. It is you who could choose your path and go ahead. Women now are on par with men. Being a woman myself , I consider myself also as the ‘Man of the house’ supporting my family in all ways just like my brother does.

There is definitely a takeaway in these stories of the two women. The choice is yours – which one would you choose??

6 thoughts on “The power of ‘her’ choices!!

  1. Very well written Zeba!! Congrats on the first post…
    I would like to add.. Story that you write.. Assuming Malala n other lady..I feel education has to be the difference… With the right education.. You know what’s right n wrong.. You know what to stand up and against for… You have the power to be yourself…


  2. Hi Zeb, loved reading your first blog. One needs to live life by choice and not by chance. It is also about seizing the opportunity and giving yourself permission to explore and do things that you want to do. Today’s women are equally capable and highly talented which is why most organisations are striving to get women at all levels of the workforce. Kudos to women empowerment!


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